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In the out skirts of town a huge mansion near the water sit untouched for year it was formally own by Samuel grey and Trisha grey who died 3 years ago their daughter was supposed to inherent the home but went missing along with her mother and father unlike them her body was never found
{{rewinding 3 years back }}
A blonde hair 17 year old with big bright green eyes that shimmers when light cresses them
She was beautiful inside and out due to her mothers care because Erika’s father was blinded by greed to notice what he was doing to his wife and only daughter
Especially when mr.grey came home from the town bar drunk he’d slam doors break all vases and worst of all take the kitchen knife out of the holder and march his way in to Erika’s room where she’d tremble Samuel would jump on her raise the knife up high then letting it plunge to any location if it missed he’d take a fist full if her gorgeous soft golden hair clumping it to yank
But of course daddy wasn’t through after erika laid in a small pool of blood he would do the same to Trisha
It got so bad that both mother and daughter cut their long flowing hair to a jagged short hairy mess
{{week later}}
The sun peeked over the west the water glowed blues and greens even some silver the rays reflected in to the room of the mansion
Waking up groggy parents and a sleeping beauty erika rose slowly out of the red satin bed with sold gold frame
She rolled out of bed hitting the floor face first saying a few “creative” words She dragged her life less soul to the bathroom for a long shower {{mean while in the living room}} Her mother cooked her the sweetest breakfast ever colorful cupcakes made to look like ripples in the water with red fish gumi placed horizontal on each Daddy was reading the paper dozing off sending off the loud obnoxious snoring The wife came in when hearing her ass of a husband she had in her hand the same knife he abused her daughter with gripped tight in the shaky palm trish whispers “here’s the first present erika” as the knife slowly wrapped around his neck drawing a bit of blood Mother would have finished him off but was interrupted by their daughter with soaking wet hair pulled back in a pony tail ,wearing only a hoodie and short aqua skirt saying “what’s going on here? Are you trying to kill dad?!?” The blonde paused then a twisted sadistic smile formed “well mommy you leave him up to me I want to see my other gifts” trish handed to knife over and sprinted to get all the wonderful gifts Erika giggled “I’m assuming your my fist birthday present” the girl plunged the knife into her fathers head quickly hearing a loud crack He lean down as blood start pouring out mother came back with all the color wrapped gifts And placed them around the blonde catching the attention of her daughter Erika jabbed the knife in her fathers chest and violently ripped open the package the girl held up threads and needles in the next box was blue hair dye after that a big rainbow koi fish trapped in a plastic baggy and in the last box left a chilling impact on Erika’s sanity a beautiful assorted knifes mrs grey chuckled “well you’ll need material hold on” the women gestured then proceed to get some cloth The blonde girl thought for a minute gazing at the lifeless body of mr grey then turned her attention to the presents erika smiled weakly at the koi In a few second the girls body felt like it was moving on its own ripping the knife out of Greys chest and charged to her mother stabbing the knife through her heart instantly killing her 

 “Oh looks like I already have my material ” she huffed ,taking her mothers arm and dragging it all the way to the living room Erika took one of her new knifes and gently skin her mother till the body was nothing but bones ideas sparked through her mind as the Blondie wrapped the flesh around the legs of the man constricting them together in a tail like shape of a fish Erika stepped back grabbing the needle with the pink thread dangling “hmm need a tail” she saw the lungs of mother and sliced it in half then placing it at the end of the vile fleshy sleeve Wasting no time erika sewed it all together piece by Piece “Now that’s how you make a mermaid tail “she gasped for a breath finally done with the gruesome merman the girl got a clump of his hair and slammed open the door to feel the sea breeze Then pulled him to the shore erika dumped his body in the shallow water mumbling “see ? Aren’t you beautiful now?”and went back inside . The once sweet aristocrat now a vicious handy tailor she looked in the mirror and squirted the dye in her hair dripping on her jacket staining it to match. Erika walking off with her mothers purse with wads of cash, the needles and thread she headed out the door but not before snickering “happy birthday to me” {{on the news}} we interrupt this program to bring you this “are mermaids real?” We just discovered a rotting corps near the shore of the grey residence it seems like this mermaid was horribly mutilated the police were suspicious and ram the door down to find blood everywhere and dry blood on the walls spelling out “isn’t it beautiful” with organs and bones of the family we matched all blood samples and it’s confirmed that mr and mrs grey are dead except for their daughter no traces of her the only clue we have is the murders that have been going on happen to have the same writing on the walls and deformed mer-people stuffed in fish tanks and such


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Also send me requests it would mean a lot c: ((I'm multilingual Japanese ,English ,French, Spanish and German))


Please request!((just buy it !))
I wanna practice on my drawing skills so please??



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